• Now on View: Artists Michael Kessler & Monika Steiner

    23 April 2015 – |

    Michael Kessler

    “Nature is his model and transformation is his subject -
    his process an organic evolution.”

    Artist Michael Kessler’s work focuses on different observations of nature, from tree branches and bark to the color and textures of the sea. For each piece, he applies up to 50 micro-thin layers of
    translucent and transparent acrylic paint onto hand built panels. The artist creates a interesting dialogue by contrasting nature’s organic curves with the structure of geometric shapes.

    Monika Steiner

    “I have always been profoundly interested in the unseen aspects of life…
    becoming fascinated by how abstract art expresses what can’t be understood
    by the eyes and mind yet can be clearly felt.”

    Artist Monika Steiner’s abstract oil paintings are intensely serene, yet dramatic.
    Using harmonious, soothing colors, she focuses on panting different spheres,
    floating in empty space. For her, the sphere is “nature’s most efficient shape”.