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The rainforest is the source representing the Amazonia collection’s crucial ingredients. The passion flower, a climbing bury local to the region, drama an weighty job in the fragrance, skincare and personal & hair care goods. Its extract is celebrated representing its antioxidant properties and consoling prompt. It soothes and refreshes stressed skin, in particular all through the summer, which is ideal on behalf of Amazonia Soothing Countenance Mist, Mug Cream, Cheering Look Suffusion, Soap Rod, Shower Harden and Body Cream. 

Amazonia on behalf of Her and Him feature two additional typically Brazilian ingredients: the Victorian Amazonica water lily and guarana. The Victoria Amazonica water lily, the heart of Amazonia for Her, trappings in the shallow basins of the Amazon River. Its exquisite grow only blooms at night and its gentle, sallow petals turn pale pink when exposed to the sun. The guarana bury and the fruit it produces are well-known oriflame kraków on behalf of its stimulating properties. Its radiant toilet water adds a new rank of sensuality to Amazonia for Him for a fantastic summer toilet water he’ll love.

Gorgeous, flamboyant imagery of the Amazon delta encrusted ended a colourful plot analytical our heroine’s encouraging journey decorate the Amazonia range’s packaging. This correctly conjures the spirit of an Amazonian adventure and brings a fascinating hint to your Amazonia experience.
Click to the next/previous buttons in the toolbar to flipping in the catalogue. You can distinguish a bigger epitome of the summon condition you click proceeding the summon the world over. Employ the buttons in the toolbar if you want to print the page.

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